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Hydroponics is a kind of cultivation method of which the root system of the plants is connected with the nutrient solution. This method makes the nutrient solution flow circularly, ensuring that the plants can be supplied with water and nutrients continuously and that the root system of plants can get the oxygen constantly. 

Hydroponics have saving water, saving labour, controlling and optimizing suitable climate element for growing the plants.

Hydroponics widely use for leafy crops planting, vegetable growing in greenhouse.

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  • Flat open lid NFT pipe for vertical farming hydroponic system

  • Ducth Bucket Hydroponics(also known as the Bato Bucket) is an efficient drip irrigation system and is extremely suitable for larger, long-term crops such as vine tomatoes, peppers (capsicum), cucumbers and even roses. You can use just about any type of growing media, including expanded clay pellets, perlite, and coconut coir.

  • NFT cultivation needs to be carried out in protective facilities, and pipes need to be laid. First, piling and making the frame, the height of the frame is suitable for people to stand up, and the level of the pile frame is neat. The pipeline should not be too long, otherwise there will be uneven supply of nutrient solution. Generally, each planting tube is 7 and a half meters long, but the longest is 15 meters. The pipe material is a non-toxic tap water pipe, otherwise it will affect the quality of vegetables. The pipeline has a high inlet end and a low discharge end. Generally, a slope of 8/1 000 is more appropriate. The pipelines are required to be neat and evenly spaced, which is conducive to operation and management.

  • Hydroponice NFT vertical farming

  • The following is about Vertical Farming, plant factory from Jianda greenhouse factory. we are professional greenhouse, vertical farming and hydroponic.

  • Hydroponics (Hydroponics) is a new type of plant soilless cultivation , also known as nutrient solution culture, its core is the roots of the plants directly infiltrates in nutrient solution, the nutrient solution can replace the soil, the plants provide moisture, nutrients, oxygen and other growth factors, can make plant normal growth.The following is about Greenhouse Planting Gutter For Strawberry.

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