Company Profile

Established 10 years ago named Qingzhou Xinze , the business scope is expanded in these years, from greenhouse skeleton, film greenhouse, polycarbonate greenhouse and glass greenhouse, involved to hydroponics farming, NFT/DFT hydroponic, substrate coco peat planting, ebb and flow planting, and Dutch bucket growing. JIanda Greenhouse is set up on 2017 year and main business focus on export.

Greenhouse manufacturer over 10 years and supply the best suitable greenhouse solution according to your request & budget by professional engineers & strong factory customization ability; focus on quality & technology improvement to guarantee higher output & convenient operation & installation. We have our design team 20 person, have our own construction team 150 person.

Our products:Film greenhouse, Polycarbonate greenhouse, Glass greenhouse, NFT hydroponic system, Substrate hydroponics, Greenhosue systems