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  • Glass greenhouse is a glass as the main greenhouse, pervious to light cover material is a kind of greenhouses. Long service life, suitable for a variety of regions and climates, to plant different plants divided into a variety of different greenhouse


  • how to choose the strawberry planting gutter, PVC material


  • China New Year is approaching , here Weifang Jianda Greenhouse Material Co., ltd , on behalf of our company and board members, let us wish you and your family to enjoy a happy new 2022, welcome 2022 with health and new challenge. Hope we do more big greenhouse project in 2022 together.


  • customer visiting factory to audit greenhouse material, greenhouse frame, truss, film, power control system, shading system


  • film greenhouse have single span greenhouse and multi span greenhouse based on the span quantity; there are sawtooth greenhouse, roof window greenhouse and double layers film greenhouse and single film greenhouse etc according to different structure


  • Weifang Jianda Greenhouse Material Co., Ltd located in Qingzhou City, Shandong Province. our customer visit and consult the greenhouse and hydroponic technology