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Spain Type Greenhouse

Spain Type Greenhouse made in china with best quality

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Product Description

Spain Type Greenhouse

1.Product Introduction

Spain Type Greenhouse,Roof window multi span film greenhouse is the cheapest hot sale in China Agricultural multi-span commercial Greenhouse.

Is the most economical and affordable greenhouse.

Structure is flexible, strong applicability and wide applicable scope.

Large gutter for efficient rain water drainage.

Good wind resistance, high quality steel , high quality locking channel, high quality hot-dip galvanization.

Customized design and high quality material.

film greenhouse

2.Spain Type  GreenhouseProduct Parameter (Specification)







 Main Pillar: 50*100*2.0mm

Auxiliary pillar:50*50*2.0mm

Arch pipe:Φ32/Φ25 for choose

Or customized

150 microns, 200microns film or 6mm/800 poly carbonate sheet for choose

Length (m)

Less 60m

Distance between Bays


Shoulder height


Top Height


Wind load


Snow load





Side ventilation, irrigation system, heating system, cooling system, shading system


Strawberry, watermelon, cucumber, tomato, vegetables, flower, medical crops, poultry farming

3.Product Feature And Application

Spain Type  Greenhouse Widely application for planting vegetable, tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumber, watermelon, planting flowers roses, have many features like:

Spain Type  Greenhouse For flower greenhouse

flower greenhouse

Spain Type Greenhouse For planting strawberry greenhouse

strawberry greenhouse

4.Product Details

Spain Type Greenhouse  with bigger space and enhance the land utilization. Many big agriculture machine can work in side. The kind greenhouse suitable for agricultural vegetable tomatoes, cucumber and flowers planting.

Spain Type Greenhouse, Roof window multi span film greenhouse outer shading system, inner shading system,cooling system, heating system, irrigation system to make the best suitable greenhouse environment. The greenhouse can effectivly prevent the loss of heat and prevent the flow of cold air and heat dissipation.

chian greenhouse

A) Spain Type Greenhouse, have many advantages:

-Simple structure in all types of greenhouses, easy in installation and maintain, Frame material.

1)The main framework designed to meet the "GB50017-2003Steel Design Code";

2)The steel material meets the "GB700-88carbon steel";

3)Hot dip galvanizing layer steel products technical requirements hot Excellent hot galvanized steel structures and accessories,  with zinc coated 275g/2,  strong toughness and good adhesion, anti-corrosion, 20 years using life;

greenhouse structure

C)Spain Type Greenhouse,covering material is clear PO film, famous brand, more durable, guaranteed 5 years using life. 150 micros and 200 micros is popular. Color have white and blue for choose.

Material: PE+EVA

Characteric: Anti-dew and dustproof , Anti-dripping,anti-fog,anti-aging


Light transmission:>89%


Temperature range: -40 to 60C

greenhouse film

D) Spain Type Greenhouse, Roof window multi span film greenhouse optional systems for customers choose according to the local conditions and what kind of crops planting.

Spain Type Greenhouse#Ventilation system On two sides of greenhouse 

Manual roll up devices with galvanized steel rolling rods.
Insect net covering under ventilation parts , no need worry about insects, birds biting crops.

greenhouse ventilation

Spain Type Greenhouse#Cooling system cooling fan and cooling pad use the water evaporation cooling principle to achieve the purpose of cooling.The system has the advantage of simple structure,low cost,low energy consumption,and reliable operation.

cooling pad

Spain Type Greenhouse#Heating system mainly include boilers and radiators,boilers such as gas boiler,diesel boiler,and biomass boiler;Radiators have Radiating pipe,heating pipe for hydroponics system,heating coil fan,gardening heater fan. Besides, the Quilt for thermal insulation used together with heating boiler etc.


Spain Type Greenhouse#Outside shading System.

Material: circular knitting silk curtains Function: The external shading system can improve the greenhouse environment by adjusting the light intensity.When the greenhouse is exposed to strong sunlight, the use of a shading screen, so that most of the sunlight can not be directly exposed to the greenhouse, to avoid burning crops after the strong light.

sun shading

Spain Type Greenhouse#Inside Shading System.

Material: aluminum foil and polyester woven. Function: reduce temperature, save energy, prevent lower condensation

sun shading

Spain Type Greenhouse#Irrigation System

irrigation system

5.Product Qualification

Spain type Roof window multi span film greenhouse with good quality with SGS certificate

6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Spain Type Greenhouse,Roof window multi span film greenhouse delivery by container in bulk, we always delivery on time to meet our client requirements.

1. All the steel material is nude packing.
2. Motor and electric machines are put in carton.
3. Small steel parts are put in bag.
4. Glass is put in iron frame.
5. All the material is put in containers.


Spain Type Greenhouse, Roof window multi span film greenhouse from Jianda Greenhouse Company Welcome to our factory to have a visit and any inquiry.

1. How long is the delivery time?
According to your greenhouse size and system, the delivery time is usually 10-60days.

2. How long is the warranty period?
Different parts have different warranty, usually the electric machine guarantee 1 year, the steel structure 15years, glass 15 year, sunshade net 2-3 years, etc.

3. Is your company foreign trade company or manufacturer?
we are manufacturer.

4. Can you supply sample?
Small parts can be supplied, but you should pay the express.

5. Can your company supply greenhouse design?

Our company can give greenhouse design according to your land and plan after deposit. And we can give simple drawing before signing contract.

6. How to install greenhouse ?
if need , our 2-4 engineers or all workers to guide to install in your site.
If you want to save money, we only send engineers, and you match local workers. If you think it is hard to do, we also can send engineers and workers to install for you.

7. When installing, what cost should we pay?
our engineers and workers visas and round-trip tickets, their foods and accommodation, their communication

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